(5-2-12) Direct Care Learning Series: Activity Considerations for A Person with Alzheimer's Disease At Risk of 'Wandering'



Activity Considerations for A Person with Alzheimer's Disease At Risk of 'Wandering'
with David W Thomas, EdD, CTRS


DATE: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TIME: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

LOCATION:  This training will be available through video-conference at four (4) locations.The speaker will be at the LIVE Site: The Guidance Center, Southgate. The Broadcast Sites are: The Children's Center, Detroit; Community Living Services, Wayne; and Lincoln Behavioral Services, Redford

OBJECTIVES - Participants will be able to:
- Identify and contrast typologies of wandering behavior
- Explain potential underlying needs of the wanderer
- Discuss brain changes associated with AD progression
- Develop assessment questions to better understand prior interests
- Associate strengths of the wanderer with activity selection
- Recommend appropriate activity choices based on cognition and wandering style

2.0 Continuing education credits are approved for this training. Participants must arrive on time and remain in the training for it's entirety including the question and answer portion. Late arrivals and early departures will result in the deduction of awarded credits. All participants MUST return to the check-in desk to sign-out and/pick-up your certificate of attendance or else you will forfeit your proof of attendance and training hours/credits! 

ADA ACCOMMODATIONS: If you have individual requirements or need special services to participate in this training, please notify Renee at rgirard@vceonline.org (734) 785-7705, ext. 7592. Please make arrangements at least two weeks before the training.

REGISTRATION:  *REGISTRATION IS CLOSED*  Pre-registration is required by THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2012. Please click on "register" next to the location you wish to attend. Walk-ins (those that are not pre-registered) will be accepted. Walk-ins are NOT guaranteed seats and will have to wait until the training begins to receive training materials and in some instances a seat. Each location has a different seating capacity, it is in your best interest to pre-register.


#    Location    Details    Availability                

1  The Guidance Center    The Guidance Center Southgate, MI    Registration Closed
2  The Childrens Center   The Childrens Center Detroit, MI   Registration Closed
3  Lincoln Behavioral Services   Lincoln Behavioral Services Redford, MI   Registration Closed
4  Community Living Services   Community Living Services Wayne, MI   Registration Closed

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