09.07.2021 - Mental Health First Aid Training



Adult Virtual Mental Health First Aid Training

Tuesday, September 7, 2021


Location: Virtual: Via Zoom

With Instructors Tyerica Boyd and Drake Phifer



  • This training provides BASIC training only and may not be appropriate for all professionals. Please review list of suggested participants below.
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid uses the same materials as both Veteran Mental Health First Aid or Higher Education Mental Health First Aid, If you have taken one of these training it is not necessary to take one of the other versions. They are very similar.


Training Description

The 8-hour Mental Health First Aid USA training course is designed to teach people methods of assisting someone who may be in the early stages of developing a mental health challenge or in a mental health crisis. The course is useful in situations where it becomes apparent to others that someone in their social network is developing a serious mental challenge or it can provide useful information on how to assist someone who has a history of a mental health disorder or longer-term mental health challenge.

TOPICS DISCUSSED: Major Depression Disorder, Non-Suicidal Self Injury, Anxiety Disorder, Psychotic Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, Eating Disorders, and Suicide Prevention

Learning Objectives

1. Knowledge of the potential risk factors and warning signs for a range of mental health problems, including: depression, anxiety/trauma, psychosis and psychotic disorders, eating disorders, substance use disorders and self injury.                                    

2. A 5-step action plan encompassing the skills, resources and knowledge to assess the situation, to select and implement appropriate interventions, and to help the individual in crisis connect with appropriate professional care.

3. An understanding of the prevalence of various mental health disorders in the U.S. and the need for reduced stigma in their communities.

4. Working knowledge of the appropriate professional, peer, social and self-help resources available to help someone with a mental health problem treat and manage the problem and achieve recovery.

Suggested Participants: Stakeholders; Community Members; Providers of Developmental Disability; Substance Abuse and/or Co-Occurring Disorders; Coordinating Agencies; Peer Support Specialists and Peer Mentors; Peer Advocates Parent Support Partners; Family Members and Advocates; Researchers; Staff, Students, and Faculty Members from Colleges and Universities; Juvenile Justice Workforce; Court Professionals; Law Enforcement Professionals; Fire and Rescue Personnel; and School Teachers

Please Note: This training provides BASIC training only and may not be appropriate for all professionals. Please review list of suggested participants above.

For questions please email helpdesk@dwihn.org