Child & Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) Booster Training



Wednesday, June 16, 2021

(Last Day to Register is Wednesday, June 9, 2021)

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Presenters: Brandi Butler, LCSW and Glendoria Colson MS, LLPC NPI

Course Description:
The Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) training prepares clinicians to use the CAFAS instrument - an empirically documented, multidimensional measure that is used for measuring functional impairment in children and adolescents. CAFAS permits assessing impairment, choosing corresponding goals that address areas of impairment, and identifying the child's strengths. Participants will learn to use the instrument to assess School, Home and Community Performance, Thinking, Behavior Toward Others, Mood/Emotions, Self-Harm and Substance Abuse as well as the two care-giver scales, Basic Needs and Family/Social Support. These sub-scales assist in developing a treatment plan that is strengths-based and outcomes-driven. The Booster provides a refresher to those who have already completed the initial to ensure Reliable Rating across our System of Care.
Course Objectives:
• Identify essential information to share with caregivers and families about the CAFAS
• Use the CAFAS in clinical session to encourage families and assist in discussions of setting treatment goals
• Identify five valid ways of using a CAFAS profile to determine clinical progress
• Interpret all items on the CAFAS for reliable rating correctly
• Demonstrate reliable rating of the CAFAS successfully
• Track whether the youth's functioning improves over time

Timed Agenda:
Pre-Test: 9:00am-10:00am
Team Challenge Overview: 10:00am-10:15am
Break: 10:15am-10:30am
Video Vignette (Jenna): 10:30am-10:45am 
Reliable Interviewing: 10:45am-11:15am
Video Vignette (Jake):  11:15am-12:00pm
Lunch: 12:00pm-12:30pm
Team Challenge Presentation (Group 1): 12:30pm-1:00pm
Outcomes: 1:00pm-1:15pm
Team Challenge Presentation (Group 2):  1:15pm-1:45pm
Video Vignette (Jacqui): 1:45pm-2:15pm
Team Challenge Presentation (Group 3): 2:15pm-2:45pm 
Sharing CAFAS with Caregivers: 2:45pm-3:00pm
Team Challenge Presentation (Group 4): 3:00pm-3:30pm
Test: 3:30p-4:00pm


Cost: $15.00
Payment Options:  
Online Credit Card (VISA and MASTERCARD only) - safe and secure 
Agency Check or Money Orders (made payable to DWIHN, Attn: Andrea Smith) sent to 707 W Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202
Refund/Cancellation Policy: Cancellation/Refund Policy: Substitutions are permitted at any time. No shows will be billed at the full training rate. Cancellations must be received in writing at least 7 business days prior to training to to obtain a full refund. If cancellation is received less than 7 business days prior to training then no refund will be given.
Required Materials: CAFAS Paper Assessment Form
The provision of all required materials is included with payment of $15.00 fee. 
CAFAS is the gold standard for assessing a youth's day-to-day functioning across critical life subscales AND for determining whether a youth's functioning improves over time.
Backed by over 20 years of research supporting its validity and sensitivity to detecting change in behaviors.
Widely used to inform decisions about level of care, type and intensity of treatment, placement, and need for referral
CAFAS items (problem behaviors, strengths, and goals) are behaviorally descriptive and anchored, resulting in high credibility 
Quickly completed by practitioners (10 minutes), based on information from routine clinical evaluation
Designed for ages 5 to 19 (kindergarten and higher).
Continuing Education Credits: Continuing Education Credits are offered for this training. Participants must arrive on time and remain in the training for its entirety to receive credits.  No partial credit is available. You must have your license number with you to check in. 
Social Workers: 6.5 Continuing Education credits are approved for this training.
MCBAP: This training meets the MDHHS requirement for Michigan Certified Board of Addictions Professionals 
CMHP: This training meets the MDHHS requirement for Children's Mental Health Professionals.
Training Hours: This training offers general training hours.
Cancellation Policy: If your schedule has changed and you are no longer able to attend, please un-register yourself from this event through your profile at .You can do this by logging onto, and navigating to your Virtual Transcript and clicking Un-register next to this event in your Upcoming Events.
You will receive a confirmation of your registration via e-mail. If you do not, please contact the DWIHN Message Center at 313-451-3792
 If you have any questions or concerns regarding this training, please notify Marika Orme at
Registration will close Wednesday, June 12, 2021