Children's Mental Health Lecture Series: Gender Affirming Care



Children's Mental Health Lecture Series: Gender Affirming Care

with Jessie Fullenkamp (she/her/hers), LMSW, Director of Education and Evaluation 

Ruth Ellis Center  

Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021
Time: 9:00am-11:00aa
Location: Webinar: Bluejeans Teleconference App.
 There is no cost to attend this training. 

Behavioral Health services are a key component of Integrated Gender Affirming Health Care. This session introduces why and how gender affirming care is part of supporting transgender and non-binary youth in accessing life saving services. Providers will learn about different care options under social, legal and medical transitioning. Most importantly, providers will leave with an understanding of how to facilitate service access instead of being a barrier for vulnerable youth.. 


1. Participants will understand the difference between assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.
2. Participants will be able to explain why access to gender affirming health care is vital for transgender and non-binary youth.
3. Participants will be able to name examples of different types of gender affirming health care individuals might access as well as different types of transitioning.
4. Participants will understand their professional role in facilitating gender affirming health care.
30 MIN. Section 1: Understanding WHY this work is relevant to YOUR role: Poll Questions, Welcome, Introduction, Brief Language Reminders
30 MIN. Section 2: WHY Gender Affirming Care is important: Gender Affirming Care Video, Video Discussion
30 MIN. Section 3: Different Types of Gender Affirming Care and Transitioning: Social, Legal, Medical 
30 MIN. Section 4: Review and Resources: Quiz and Resources
This Event Offers the following  CEU's:

-CHILD MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL:These event hours meet the MDCH training requirement for CMHP staff.

-QUALIFIED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL: These event hours meet the MDCH training requirement for QMHP staff.

-SOCIAL WORKERS: 2 continuing education credits are pending for this training.

-TRAINING HOURS: This event will count toward the annual training hours required by most provider agencies.


For Questions or concerns regarding this training please contact Marika Orme at Morme1@DWIHN.ORG or 313-909-5466