How to Online Courses


Some online courses contain course materials to download in Adobe PDF format, videos to watch for each section in the course and a test, or multiple tests, to complete for the section of the course. Not all courses have videos to watch or a test to take in each section of the course. Some courses may only have context to read before taking the test.

Courses completed at 100% will allow you to receive your certificate of completion for the course with your name, title of the course, the date the course was completed and the credit amount earned for the course, if any.

Each course has sections that have to be completed in the order they are listed. Completed sections will have a check mark in the box next to the name of the section. Sections are selectable to take when they are underlined.

While taking an online course, your progress of completing each section of a course will be saved every time you click on the "continue" button. Clicking on the continue button will increase the percentage on the progress bar. This will allow you to come back in a later time to complete the online course without having to start from the beginning.


Taking an Online Course
  1. From the Home page, at the menu bar, click on "Training" then " Online Courses".
  2. Select the course you want to take by clicking on the title of the course name. Courses are listed under the "Required" and "Supplementary" course tabs.
  3. You will be directed to the course page where you can begin your online training. Click on the brown "Start" button located at the bottom in the middle. You should now be at the "Menu" page with information about the course.
  4. On the right side of the screen is the list of section(s) to complete in the brown box. Click on the title of the first section.
  5. In the section page, use the "Continue" button located at the top and bottom right of the page to navigate through the section. The "Previous" button will take you back one page.
  6. When you are on a page with a video, click on the "play" button located center of the black box.
  7. When you are done watching the video, the "Continue" button will appear on the right of your screen, top and bottom. Videos have to be watched completely and cannot be skipped.
  8. After you have completed the section, you will be directed back to the "Menu" page to complete the next section. When each section is completed, there will be a checkmark in the box and the next section will be underlined to continue with the next section.
  9. When all sections are completed, the Course Complete bar will have filled to 100%. You now can print and download your certificate at the end of the course or from the Menu page by clicking on "Click here to print your certificate!"

Note: All completed online training courses are automatically added to your Virtual Training Transcript. You also can print your certiļ¬cates from your Virtual Training Transcript at a later time if you’re unable to at the time you complete the online course.