How to Register for a Membership


Before you can register for a membership, you will need a personal or work e-mail address. Your email address will be the "User Email" you will use to log into the website along with the password you will create for your account. If you do not have email, below is a list of four free email services:


Viewing Events on the Community Calendar
  1. Google Mail:
  2. Yahoo Mail:
  3. Windows Mail:
  4. AOL Mail:
Registration Process
  • To register for a membership, go to or from the menu bar, click on "Members" then "New Member Sign-up"
  • At the registration page, you will want to select the Primary Employer State and Primary Employer County in which you work.
  • Then click on the "Submit" button
  • The New Member Sign-Up page contains the registration form. There are five (5) steps to complete to become a member. Fill in all fields that are marked with a red asterisk (*), as these fields are required for membership and blue asterisks (*) are optional fields that you may complete.
  • After you have completed steps 1-4, step 5 of 5 is the Contractual Agreement where you will need to read The Terms of Use.
  • After you have finished reading the Terms of Use, click on the check box to ACCEPT, and then click on the "Submit Registration Info" button to complete the registration process.
  • Your information will be processed and added to our system. The website will redirect you to a page with your login information. You are now a member of and ready to login and begin using the website.

You will receive an email conīŦrming your new membership automatically to the email you used as your "User Email." You also will receive emails regarding updates from, Upcoming Events and new trainings added to