Mission & Goals


Detroit Wayne Connect (DWC) is committed to being a leader in providing quality education and training opportunities to an increasingly integrated healthcare workforce. By optimally equipping this workforce, DWC supports quality and consistent care to individuals receiving services for physical health, mental health, substance use disorders, intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. Our efforts are dedicated to improving the competency and retention of the healthcare workforce for the benefit of those served.

  • Identifying the workforce to understand and meet their learning needs.
  • Supporting Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs), including offering trainings important for EBP implementation and sustainability.
  • Developing targeted trainings for CMH staff.
  • Distributing high-quality training products through a variety of formats and media platforms, including web-based training and teleconferences for the convenience and cost-savings of our workforce.
  • Providing an array of continuing education credits for live and online trainings to ensure that the workforce maintains licensure and credential requirements.
  • Evaluating, analyzing and summarizing the results of new and ongoing systems transformation efforts across the DWC provider network.
  • Ensuring continuous process improvement and continuing to evolve to provide the highest quality and content of training possible.