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Please note that the following training hours do not meet the Continuing Education Credit criteria for licensed social workers, counselors, nurses, or psychiatrists. The training hours which result from viewing these videos will count toward the annual training hours required by most provider agencies and the Michigan Department of Community Health. If you are specifically seeking training hours in child & youth related subject matter, please make sure that the video's title and description reflect this. The DWC online courses and video trainings reset each January 1. Please make sure you complete your training before the end of the year. If you have a training in progress at the end of the calendar year, you will have to start from the beginning to complete the training.

Infant Mental Health
Infant Mental Health - Video Count: (3)
CGR | 2008-04-17 | Infant Mental Health with Carol Oleksiak, LMSW & IMH Task Force
36 min

CGR | 2009-04-16 | Interventions with Families with Very Young Children with Carol Oleksiak, LMSW; Jacqueline R. Martin, MSW, LMSW; Rebecca Lynn-Dorn Wheeler, MSW, LLMSW, IMH-E (III)
1 hr 41 min

CGR | 2012-04-15 | IMH & Healthy Attachment with Julie Ribaudo, LMSW
3 hr 4 min

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