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I created a new account because I could not access my old account and the trainings I completed are not on my transcripts
If you create a new account, the trainings you have completed for do not carry over from your old account. does not carry over account information if you create multiple accounts under the same first and last name. If you are unable to log in your account, contact the Help Desk at 313-451-3792 or to recover your account information. Please do not create multiple accounts.
My employer is using the T.A.P. system and they are unable to view my profile:
For your employer to view your profile in T.A.P., you will need to update your profile.
Updating your Profile
  1. If you are already logged in and want to update your profile, click on "My Profile" from the top right of the website.
  2. On the My Profile page, there are five (5) steps to review or update before you can update your registration information by clicking on the "Next Step" button.
  3. On Step 2of 5, you will want to update the name of the Organization for which you work. Select the name of the organization and address, then click on the "Next Step" button.
  4. On Step 5 of 5 is the Contractual Agreement where you will need to read The Terms of Use, click on the check box to ACCEPT, and then click on the "Update Registration Info" button.

After you have updated your profile, ask your employer to try searching for your profile in the T.A.P. system again. If they are still having issues please contact the Help Desk to report the problem..