Quarterly Leadership Training Series: Performance Management- An Alphabet Soup of Possibilities


Quarterly Leadership Training Series: Performance Management- An Alphabet Soup of Possibilities 

Friday, February 12, 2021



 Jacob Papazian MS, BCBA, LBA 



Course Description:
During the last Quarterly Leadership Training event, we discussed Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), as well as the need for effective performance feedback and the necessity of good record keeping. Now that you have collected all of that performance feedback, you may be asking yourself, “So, now what?” Well, you came to the right place! Once a feedback system is in place, the next step is to begin an evaluation of performance. This talk will focus on the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that translate “business” language into Clinically Relevant Behaviors (CRBs) that you can use to evaluate your team’s performance. Once established, assessment and intervention methods to improve employee performance will be discussed in addition to a practical demonstration of OBM “antecedent assessments.” You do not have needed to participate in the last event to attend and benefit from this training.

Course Objective:

1. Define Clinically Relevant Behaviors as they relate to Key Performance Indicators 
2. Define the Performance Diagnostic Checklist – Human Services (PDC-HS) 
3. Identify common barriers to effective employee performance (SURF & C) 
4. Implement procedures to roll with resistance and identify preferred stimuli to reinforce employee behavior. 

Timed Agenda:
1. CRB Discussion – 30 minutes

2. PDC-HS and Barrier Analysis – 1 hour

3. Behavior Change Procedures – 30 minutes 


Continuing Education Credits:

-MICHIGAN CERTIFICATION BOARD FOR ADDICTION PROFESSIONALS: This event hours meets the MDCH training requirement for MCBAP staff = 2 Hours.

-QUALIFIED INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES PROFESSIONAL (QIDP): This event hour meets the MDCH training requirement for QIDP staff = 2 Hours.