Research Advisory Committee



The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding all research and evaluation conducted which proposes to involve services consumers and/or providers in the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority's (Authority) service system to ensure that the research conducted does not place an undue burden on, or otherwise negatively affect, stakeholders and is consistent with the Authority's Research Agenda. The RAC is composed of members from all stakeholder groups (providers, consumers, the Authority and its university collaborators, listed on the current roster). New members with an interest in research and evaluation are always welcome. The membership process begins with completing and returning a membership application. If you plan to conduct evaluation or other research within the Authority's system, please review and complete the request for review. The review process is completed in a timely manner (please see the policy for more detail).

The RAC has a long history of service to the Authority and its stakeholders. Over the years, the projects reviewed by the RAC have covered a wide range of topics related to mental health (please see Past Activities and Current Activities for more detail). The RAC's activities now also include an annual conference highlighting local research and evaluation partnerships (please see Research Day Conference).


The Research Advisory Committee shall support and advance behavioral health research among Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority stakeholders and researchers that is internationally recognized for its excellence.


The Research Advisory Committee shall create a research friendly climate in Wayne County that encourages research collaboration with the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority and its stakeholders. It will accomplish this by promoting accessible state-of-the-art data management, encouraging high priority research and disseminating findings to the community while protecting the rights and safety of all research participants.


RAC meetings are open to all and occur on the fourth Thursday of every third month except December, during which they occur on the third Thursday.

Time: 9:30am - 11:00am
Location: 707 W Milwaukee Ave


The Research Advisory Committee is actively seeking new members. People who receive public mental health and/or substance use/abuse services in the greater Wayne County area, have an interest in learning about new/cutting edge approaches to treatment, have an interest in behavioral research, and are able to commit 4 hours per month are particularly encouraged to join us at this time.

You may reach the RAC Coordinator, Andrea Smith, via email, via phone at (313) 344-9099 for further information.

Click to here download the RAC application form.

We look forward to new membership.