Unable to attach my certificate to my self-report record:
In order to load your certificate you will need to scan your certificate into a copier machine or a scanner to convert it to a digital image file on your computer. File types allowed for upload are: pdf, doc, jpg, jpeg, gif, ppt, png, bmp, tif. File size limit may not exceed: (150,000 bytes) | (1171 kb) | (1.14 mb).
I received an email from that my self-report was audited and was rejected or not approved: Staff, nor the system, denies, rejects, or disapproves your self-report record(s) you added to your transcript. If your agency is using our T.A.P. system to audit your transcript, they may send you an email notification that states your self-report record has been denied for their reasons. If this has happen to you, please contact your administrators or HR department. If you are having technical issues with your self-report, please contact the Online Help Desk at 313-451-3792.
Unable to delete self-report record when clicking on the "delete" button:
Try reloading the page by pressing the "F5" key on your keyboard to see if the record is removed from your self-report. If the record is still there, please contact the Help to report the problem.