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The "Submit for Credit" button is not appearing at the end of the video.
Install Adobe Flash Player. If the video is playing outside in a different media application, the system will not give you credit for watching the video. If you do have Adobe Flash Player installed, but you are having the same issue, please reinstall Adobe Flash Player.
The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not
Please contact the contact Help Desk to report the problem.
The video is stopping, then playing. Video will not play concisely, video buffering:
This issue occurs when your internet connection speed is slow or there is low bandwidth on a shared internet connection, such as work or in a public place. This will cause the video to stop playing while the data moves from the server to your computer.
Click on the play button to play the video and let it play for about 5 seconds, click on the video to pause it for about 5 – 10 minutes allowing the video to preload the data, and then click on the video again to play. This should allow the video to play more concisely and play without interruption.
Video playing with no audio:
Check the settings on your on your computer and the volume on your speakers. If you are still not hearing any audio, reinstall Adobe Flash Player.
Video will not load or play:
Install Adobe Flash Player. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer or Firefox, videos will not play or play correctly with the website. Adobe Flash Player is required to be installed to take online training. Adobe Flash Player is a free application to download
Video not found or access
Some application installed on your computer, firewall setting or a network setting might block our videos from playing on your computer. Contact your local IT, or the person who supports your computer. If you find this is not the issue on your computer, but a problem on our end and this is happening on multiple units, please contact the contact to report the problem.
Viewing of this video, in its entirety, is a requirement. Please reload/refresh the page to start over. e2:
Make sure Adobe Flash Player is up to date to the latest version. If the issue is still persistent, please contact the contact Help Desk to report the problem