Develop Implementation Plan



The timeline is part of your action plan for implementation. Developing an action plan helps organize the activities, timeline and evaluation of the project. This plan is also known as a management plan and is designed to provide overall guidance to project staff to ensure that project structures are in place and project activities are completed in a timely manner.

Creating a Project Implementation Schedule:

  1. Outline activities/tasks related to project goals/objectives: "What key activities/tasks must be completed to implement the program/project successfully?"
  2. Set a timeline for various stages of project implementation: "When can/should each task begin and end within the proposed implementation stage?"
  3. Identify the person(s) responsible: "Who is to see that the task is completed?"
  4. Define milestones associated with each stage of project implementation
  5. Describe how progress towards achievement of milestones will be monitored/tracked