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System of Care is an approach to services that recognizes the importance of family, school and community, and seeks to promote the full potential of every child and youth by addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social needs.

Click here to download the System Transformation to a Recovery-Oriented Approach to Care for Children and Families, Presenter: Carlynn Nichols, LMSW presentation.

Those services programs and/or projects that are being implemented within the network of care that have shown "evidence" and/or "promise" of good outcomes for children with SED.

Services for LGBTQ2S Youth Wraparound
Infant Mental Health Youth United
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Parent Support Partners

Systems of Care helps parents and caregivers address the mental health needs of their children and youth while managing the demands of day-to-day living. Adequately meeting these needs requires multiple strategies and agencies.

Peer-to-Peer support for families, which is an intervention/skills development based approach to supporting families whose children are receiving services with the CMSHP. Services and/or supports administered by the PSP must be included in the Person Centered Plan.

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Connections is a collaborative effort involving a wide range of partners throughout Wayne County and Michigan.

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