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Autism: Answering the Call
Includes autism facts, problems and solutions, Wayne County's efforts, autism services and more.
CAFAS/PECFAS Guidebook (September 2015)
To ensure that CMHSPs and PIHPs provide for the administration of the PECFAS and CAFAS to children served in the behavioral health system, this guidance is provided to clarify requirements for the administration of the tools, the training requirements, and the MDCH support for the administration and training in the tools.
Children's Services Guidebook
Services for Children and Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED)
Connections Annual Report (2010-2011)
This report describes the evaluations of major Connections activities which took place during Fiscal Year 2010. Findings are arranged in chapters for clarity.
Connections Operating Guidelines
To establish and maintain a comprehensive continuum of services across systems (Department of Human Services, Juvenile Justice, Community Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Schools) for children with severe emotional disorder (SED) and their families in Wayne County.
Connections Report to the Community (2014-2015)
A main focus for Connections this fiscal year was stigma. Download the full report for a comprehensive look.
Connections Report to the Community (2013-2014)
This year has been very exciting as we are in the beginning stages of ensuring that our system of care is culturally and linguistically competent. Download the full report for a comprehensive look.
Connections Report to the Community (2012-2013)
Fiscal year 2012-2013 was another exciting year for Connections—System of Care. Partnerships have continued to expand and strengthen. Download the full report for a comprehensive look.
Connections Report to the Community (2011-2012)
Guided by data, Connections has increased understanding of the needs of children and families in our community. Following the High-End User Project. which found an extremely high rate of early childhood trauma, Connections increased its efforts to build a trauma-informed system of care.
Cross Systems Partnership Glossary
Cross Systems Partnership Glossary & Acronym List
DWMHA Integrated Healthcare Strategy
Facilitating coordination & integrated mental health substance use, and physical health care for persons with SMI/I/DD/SUD /SED.
Human Trafficking of Children Protocol (August 2013)
The protocol focuses on the needs of victims, with the overriding intention of protecting the interests of children and maintaining their safety in the community.
Mandated Reporter Pamphlets
These pamphlets were prepared by the Michigan State University Chance at Childhood Program, with assistance from the Michigan Department of Human Services and the MSU College of Human Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.
MDCH: Michigan Social and Emotional Health Tool Kit
The toolkit includes a fact sheet, a power point and a guide for families. State and local partners contributed to the toolkit including the Great Start Systems Team, with partners from the Michigan Department of Community Health, Office of Great Start, The Michigan Department of Human Services, and the Early Childhood Investment Corporation.
Medicaid B3 Services Manual for Wayne County Youth & Families
Additionally paid for mental health supports and services that should be offered, provided and/or located to better assist a child or their family that is experiencing difficult challenges revolving around the symptoms or circumstances of their serious emotional disturbance (SED) diagnosis or developmental disability.
Pediatric Integrated Health Care Concept Paper
Includes recommendations for both physical and behavioral health care providers to consider in meeting with the integrated health care needs of children and youth.
Pediatric Integrated Health Care Concept Paper (Transmittal Letter)
This letter transmits the Pediatric Integrated Health Care (PIHC) Work Group's Concept Paper.
SOC Framework
Includes Governance, Community Collaboration and Practice Models.
Social Marketing Plan
To establish and maintain a comprehensive continuum of services across systems; (DHS, JJ, CMH, SA, and Schools) for SED children and their families in Wayne County
Wayne County Fatherhood Initiative
The goal of the Wayne County Fatherhood Initiative is to provide support and education to men who are fathers or in the role of a father. We want to encourage them to be teachers, leaders and role models for those who look up to them.
Wraparound Guidebook for Parents and Youth
Based on the idea that services should be tailored to meet the individual needs of children, youth and families. Wraparound acknowledges that each family is unique and special and needs to be treated as such.

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