How to Virtual Training Transcript

  1. To view your Virtual Training Transcript make sure you are logged into with your User Email and Password.
  2. From the menu bar, click on "Members", then click on "Virtual Training Transcript".

This page contains your training transcripts for live trainings you have attended (only when you registered for them online), upcoming events for which you are registered, your professional license number, online courses you have completed, training videos you have watched and credit earned, and your self-report for other trainings you have taken outside of and  upload to your transcript.

Your Information: View your information such as your name, place of employment and address and your professional license number(s). License numbers are listed in categories; Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, Nursing, Physician, Psychology and Social Work. Here, you find all the license numbers you have added to your profile to be placed on your transcripts.

Upcoming Events: The Upcoming Events page shows the list of events for which you are currently registered. You will find the name and date of the event, the option to unregister and whether you are on the wait list for an event. To unregister for an event, simply click on the "Unregister" hyperlink to remove yourself from the selected training.  

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Event Training Completed: Listed here are the live trainings completed along with the date completed (only if you registered online using the website), event name and type and amount of credits earned for that event. By clicking on the name of the event you will be able to print a certificate. Note: If you registered by fax/phone, they do not get added to your transcript.

Click here to learn how to printer your certificate

Online Courses: You will find all the online trainings you have completed for each course and for every year you have taken the online course. Listed is the name of the online course, an option to review/take, the date you completed the online course, the amount of credits earned and the option to view and print your certificates.

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Training Videos: Listed are all trainings videos, with noting the date it was completed, and number of credits, with the option to watch the video again. For online video training, there are no certificates to be downloaded.

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Self-Reporting: is providing this self-reporting section in order that you may update your transcript to include Continuing Education events you have attended. You must retain your supporting documentation for any event that you enter. cannot verify your attendance at outside events and this transcript does not remove the need to maintain a personal file of your certificates of completion.

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Reminders: Listed are the reminders emailed to you for online courses and training videos you have previously taken. You will only receive reminders for trainings you have completed before and needed to be renewed.

How to view your Virtual Training Transcript in printer friendly format

Viewing your virtual training transcript in a printer friendly format will allow you to see a combine page of all the trainings you have completed on your transcript.  "Printer Friendly" is located on the upper right side on the Virtual Training Transcript page.